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Rob Meikle

A Pastor, visionary, and profound executive, Rob Meikle is a dynamic man of God. Corporately, he is a globally recognized leader in technology, while spiritually he has been called to ministry. Alongside his brilliant bride, Tania Meikle, he is Co-Founder and Co-Senior Pastor of Kingdom House Christian Centre.

Rob’s passion for people and belief in the power of transformation through the love of God, has brought him to his divine calling of leading a rapidly growing multicultural, community-centric church with a global impact. An inspirational leader, he is devoted to guiding people’s development, building high-performing teams, and fostering each individual’s unique talents in both ministry and business to see people move from glory to glory.

His corporate background, including the prestige position he held as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Toronto, has given him the tools to fuse testimony with tactics, which when paired together lead to true transformation.