Transforming Lives

Fulfilling Destinies

Through the vision & leadership provided through God to Pastors Rob and Tania, we have a team here at Kingdom House that is committed to God, the church and community and who work together in unity to serve.

KHCC Baptism

Pastors Bio

With a mission to transform lives and fulfill destinies, Pastors Rob and Tania Meikle are the co-founders and co-lead pastors of Kingdom House Christian Centre. A dynamic power couple with an innovative mindset, they work to enrich the lives of everyone around them by providing purposeful and practical pathways to forge faith and community. Having cultivated a church with community at its core, Kingdom House emphasizes fostering family and faith, with its leaders believing that prayer is the pen that writes history.

Corporately, Pastor Rob is a globally recognized leader in technology, stemming from the prestigious position he held as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Toronto. Spiritually, he has been called to ministry. His passion for people and belief in the power of transformation through the love of God, has brought him to his divine calling of leading a rapidly growing multicultural, community-centric church with a global impact. Coupled together, his skill sets have given him the tools to fuse testimony with tactics, which when paired together lead to true transformation.

Pastor Tania is a compassionate and compelling leader and a dynamic international speaker that engages, equips, and empowers people through ministry. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Biology, with a minor in Religion. She became a licensed Minister and was ordained as a Reverend in 2006. She is an entertaining and refreshing orator that ushers love into everything she does, with a particular passion for seeing women step into their greatness. A tender heart, but a strong spirit, Tania’s charismatic personality propels her ability to cultivate compassionate communities everywhere she goes. She is fueled by her genuine passion to see people of all generations and cultures fulfill their purpose according to God’s will.

Together, this God-fearing couple is explosive, fierce, dynamic, and awe-inspiring. They are an extraordinary pair who truly believe in putting others first. Pastors Rob and Tania are the definition of humility, strength under control. Not thinking less of themselves but thinking of themselves less.

The couple currently resides in the city of Brampton, and they have two wonderful children, Bryanna, and Jayden.