#Trending Love - Loving God this Christmas

C. S. Lewis said that "a man's spiritual health is exactly proportional to his love for God." It's true that God is concerned about our morals and our conduct; but He is mostly concerned with our hearts. Are they devoted to Him?

To love God is to worship Him, put Him first, desire Him, and obey Him. We see a clear example of loving God in Luke 7:36-50. A sinful woman made her way to Jesus, knelt at His feet and washed His feet with her tears, and dried them with her hair. She continued to kiss His feet and anoint His head and feet with a rare perfume. This is the essence of what it means to love God: to be satisfied in Him. In him — not just His gifts, but God himself, as the glorious person that He is!

If we are going to love God, then our love needs to be intentional, extravagant, and intimate. God is saying He wants passionate love! God's love language is that we give Him everything. I encourage you during this Christmas season to fall in love again with Jesus!

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