Ready, Set, Go! - Biblical Training

God doesn't call the qualified, but qualifies those He has called.

Often, we doubt the call on our lives because of lack of confidence and comparing ourselves to others. We say and think things like, "I can't do that because I'm not good enough." or "I'm not as good as he/she is." You're purpose and your calling is exactly that, YOURS! What God has gifted you to do, no one else can do.

Reflecting on biblical characters, we can find all over scripture that God calls the unqualified and the inadequate to shape the history of tomorrow. Who knew He could use a man that was killing and persecuting Christians to preach and teach about His love, grace, forgiveness? Who would ever think God could use a prostitute as part of a master plan? Or a murderer and adulterer to write the most beautiful songs and prayers unto God?

God wants us to GO, and spread the good news, share His love and His word. We are called instruct others and help be the disciples of Christ. He is just looking for those with a willing heart and who will make room for Him. However, GO-ing out to reach those who are lost does require biblical knowledge. For it is the word of God that changes, transforms, heals, and restores.

So, as you continue build yourself up in the word and knowledge of God, I pray that He will equip you and strengthen you and give you wisdom to GO and share that life changing gospel!

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