Ready, Set, Go! Never Lose Sight of the One

Living a selfless life doesn't come naturally; it comes supernaturally. It comes from God. We should experience God's love in such a real way that it motivates us and moves us to love others in the same way.

If we are all about ourselves, we will miss divine opportunities and special moments to really see others. When we acknowledge others, we see the one who God has created in His image, the one who is fearfully and wonderfully made, the one who God loves.

We see in scripture, that we should never lose sight of the one. When the one sheep was lost, the shepherd left the 99 to find the one lost, the father who lost one of his son's welcomed him back home with open arms, and Jesse who counted out one of his sons that was in the field, turned out to be the chosen one the prophet was looking for.

The one is important to God, and should be important to us. We are called to love and be our brother's and sister's keeper, not judging them but being a safe place for them and reconciling those that are lost back to the One who found us.

As you begin your week, I encourage you to look out for the one!

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