True North - Be Led By God's Spirit

Life is filled with a series of decisions that determine our direction. We want to make decisions that not only move us forward but bring us success in life.

As we begin our new series, we learn that True North is based on coordinates on a map, and our map is the word of God. Despite, the magnetic pull that we face from time to time from life situations, if we allow God to be our Good Shepherd, He has given us the Holy Spirit to lead us into the way of the everlasting.

The Holy Spirit is not an indistinct "power" or "thing". John 14:17 says the spirit dwells in us and will be with us. The Holy Spirit is a person; our intelligent personal guide. He is more than a power source, but He reveals things in our lives and cultivates a spirit of discernment.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your steps. He will lead us to the paths of righteousness!

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