Keep On Walking - Who is Leading You?

"The one that leads your life determines your destination" -- Who is leading you?

As we go through Psalms 23, we see David declare the Lord to be 'His' Shepherd. A shepherd protects his sheep, leads his sheep and feeds his sheep. David knew that in spite of what he went through, He made God a priority; running to Him, even in times of adversity. He knew His Good Shepherd would lead him back to the right path.

Pastor Tania showed us, that like David, we too can make God our Leader in life. When we declare God to be our Shepherd, we lack nothing. We live life with God margins. That is where we can have quality time with Him and He restores and refreshes our soul. Our walk with God is a journey where He will bring us comfort in all life's unpredictable moments. He guides us along the right paths. No matter how trying or dark the journey may seem at times, His rod and staff comfort us.

Lastly, when we have God as our Shepherd, He determines our destination. He prepares our future before us to walk in. His goodness and mercy continue to surround us and follow us.

There is no greater feeling then knowing that even though life can be or most likely will be tough in different seasons, we have a Father that loves us, protects us, guides us and feeds us. He is the Good Shepherd and a Good Father.

Allow Him to lead you!

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