Balancing Act VI - Balanced Effort

A huge part of living a life of balanced beliefs, priorities, and efforts is the effort to demand change in your life. The effort to change first comes from within. As much as we need outward balance, we require inward balance.

We have been given indicators that help us to recognize our efforts in living a balanced life from within. It's important for us to have indicators in this fast paced life, if we ignore them, it can cripple us from fully functioning in our calling.

Our first indicator is our spiritual intimacy. Intimacy is getting to know someone and being known by that individual. How much do you know God? How much do you trust God? Trust is at the heart of intimacy. Trust is also an indicator of our heart's condition, and reflects where our commitment lies.

Commit to trusting God and making Him a priority. When we can trust God, we can be intimate with Him and experience Him in a new way!

Our second indicator is our character and integrity. Our biggest challenge is ourselves. If we are not careful, we will be molded into the patterns of this world. Our character is what will fuel our success.

Your talents, gifts, and anointing will take you places, but your character is what will keep you there. God's desire is that our character will be shaped in Jesus Christ.

I challenge you this week to look at the indicators in your life. Don't just ignore them but use the indicators as opportunities to make intentional changes from within.

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