Balancing Act V: Balanced Priorities

As we go through every day life, there are so many things pulling us in different directions. Meeting work deadlines, the children depending on you, trying to find down time, trying to find social time, trying to maintain a home, and the list goes on. Before we know it, we're overwhelmed by how busy our lives have become!

Between our priorities and responsibilities, so many things fight for our time and attention. By the time, we get through the day, we struggle to even make time for God and His word; but we have to make sure we are intentional about giving God quality time. We should be intentional about Him as He is intentional about us.

This is all part of the balancing act. Priorities! Making God first is what is truly important. When we put God first, we tell Him that He is regarded as more important than anything and anyone else. It reveals to Him our obedience.

When we put God first, everything flows out of His being into our lives. There is peace, there is joy, there is strength. Life doesn't become a drag but more enjoyable because He is with us.

I encourage you keep Him at the forefront of everything you do and watch Him work miracles seen and unseen.

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