Balancing Act III: Balanced Beliefs

Who Am I?

I'm sure we have all asked this question at one point in time or perhaps repeatedly. At times, trying to figure out who we are carries a bit of a weight and causes us to be unbalanced. We draw reference about ourselves from our past, our family history, our circle of influence and the list goes on.

Pastor Tania taught us that despite our checkered past, painful history, deepest flaws, and beyond our own personal beliefs, we are God's beloved. God wants us to identify our core beliefs about ourselves in Him.

Your core beliefs should be what God believes. Allow God to be the counterbalance in your life and He will change the narrative of your heart. When we know who we are in Christ, there is a balance. This is important because identity is the engine that drives the relationship not only with ourselves but also with God and others.

If you define yourself incorrectly, you will carry that wrong definition into your story. If all you see are limitations, you will miss out on the stunning possibilities God has in store for you and living a healthy and balanced life in Him. Who we are in Christ makes all the difference.

Find your balance in Him!

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