Balancing Act II - Balanced Beliefs

"God's word gives us a framework for our lives. It's not a rule book, but a play book!" -Pastor Rob

If we are not governed by the word of God, we will live an unbalanced life. In order for us to have the right balance, it starts with us being intentional. We need to live an integrated life centred with Jesus Christ.

The bible is intended to produce life transformation. There has to be a point in our lives that we make the decision to live God's way. Weigh out the truth! When we are out of balance, things fall off the scale. How we weigh things determine the value.

We need daily nourishment in order to have a proper balance-Revelation, Inspiration & Illumination. Be inspired by God's word and the greatest revelation of knowing that we have eternal life through Jesus Christ. God loves us! Allow His word to illuminate your pathway.

Our lives are also balanced by the word because it gives us teachings, reproof and correctionso that God can bring us up and build us up. In this balancing act, we get the right scale.

What we believe affects what we think and the way we act. Open your hearts and minds to God's truth so that you will live balanced life!

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