What a powerful yet practical message from Pastor Rob yesterday about respect. Everyone wants to be loved and respected. The topic of respect is a global affair because it involves all people.

As we GO out into our communities, we need to know how to respect everyone. See people as valuable. The true value of a person is measured by what's inside. It's the unseen. We are all busy but it's important that we take time to stop and listen. Listen with a purpose. What others have to say is important! Respectful people actually want to hear the thoughts and feelings of others.

Be sincere! People know the real from the fake. They can tell when a person is truly genuine. In your sincerity, others can feel your kindness and tender heart.

Look for opportunities to encourage and build each other up. There is greatness inside each and every person you will meet. Pull on those strengths and don't allow culture or other factors to shape your view.

As God calls us out of our comfort zone to connect with people around us, He has called us higher; to act fairly and justly. Resist the temptation of judging before we hear all the facts. Don't attach yourselves with unbalanced information. When speaking, speak with love especially when speaking the truth. Preserve the dignity of others. Wholesome words are filled with love and not hate.

Lastly, express and show gratitude. I know we will all be stretched during this season, but there are people out there who are waiting for us to move and be obedient. God has not given us a spirit of fear, so when you Go, Go with respect, Go in God's love, and Go with grace.

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