GO Series: Let's Go

The world has never been more connected! Through the advances of technology, our fast paced society has the ability to do so much more and connect on a more personal level, yet even though we are so close, we are so far. These days we can close our electronic garage door and step into our homes without even greeting our neighbours.

We were created to be in relationships with one another. The great commission challenges us to go out and make disciples of all nations, but how can one go out if we are unable or not willing to connect with others?

Our responsibility as believers is to ensure the legacy of Christ lives!

Our communities need a winning solution and we need to be seen as part of the winning solution, but first we need to connect with others. Have relevant conversations with purpose! We need to be careful that our unconscious bias doesn't block people from us and we are not able to connect with others. It should not be our social barrier. Change your language. Build the bridge of trust so you can earn the right to be heard!

We have the ability to make the Light known. Reminding people of their great qualities and strengths makes our connection easier. Everyone wants to know how precious they are in the sight of God.

I encourage you this week to use your influence whether big or small to make a connection this week. It could be a family member, colleague, neighbour, social media followers; take the opportunity to have a relevant conversation with purpose. God has called us to GO!

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