Balancing Act I: Balanced Belief

"A double minded man is unstable in all his ways"-James 1:8

To live a balanced life, we must be intentional in our thinking not just our faith. The enemy tries to create instability in the minds, so our minds need to come into alignment with our faith.

As we begin our series about the Balancing Act, we learn that the word of God is our Centre of Balance. It is our truth that we stand firm on. The word of God keeps things in check in our lives, it gives us balance. The better our balance, the better our stability.

We cannot live a balanced life if our foundation is not balanced. Our belief system needs to be on foundational truths. Truth is what corresponds with reality.

If our lives are not governed by the word of God, we will have an unbalanced life. The battlefield is in the mind, how will you respond to the truth of God?

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